#2019 Fundraising Goals

At WKDU, we have been comfortably sustaining the station every year as a treasured potpourri of local music and podcasts, in addition to consistently giving back to the community at every chance we get. This year, however, your friendly, neighborhood radio station is in a unique fundraising position, where we are investigating sources of funding outside the university’s annual allocation. As such, we ask Philadelphia to support us as the sole beneficiary of this year’s EMM, so we can expand our technical capabilities and flourish in Philadelphia’s radio scene, enriching the lives of even more lovely listeners on the FM dial.

Proceeds from this year’s EMM will go towards the following three categories of improvements at the station.

Control Room

Our two broadcasting studios are in need of updated microphones and processing units, modern playback devices, and other bits of electronic connective tissue to make the studios function together in harmony. 

  • Electro-Voice RE20 Microphones
  • Technics SL-1200 Turntables
  • Crown Power Amplifiers
  • Symetrix Vocal Processors

Estimated cost: ~$4,000

Broadcast Quality

We are seeking to transition our interface between the studio and transmitter from analog copper wires to a more reliable, digital system. We are very excited by the possibility of reducing ambient noise and interference on our FM broadcast! 

  • Omnia On-Air Broadcast Processor
  • Barix Audio Encoders/Decoders
  • Transmitter & Antenna Maintenance

Estimated cost: ~$6,000

Campus Engagement

As a student organization at Drexel University, it is our mission to engage the student population. We provide music for on campus events, recruit new undergraduate and graduate student DJs, support university related public affairs programs, and maintain an inclusive environment for the student body.

  • Yamaha Mixer
  • Odyssey Cases
  • Equipment Cart

Estimated cost: ~$500