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Welcome to the 2023 Electronic Music Marathon!

WKDU's Electronic Music Marathon is an annual event featuring 84 hours of nonstop music from over 90 Philadelphia DJs with the goal of fundraising and engaging with the local community!

The EMM defines "electronic" in the broadest sense: bringing together funk, ambient, jungle, and everything in between into a full weekend of music brought to you by local talent ranging from up-and-coming DJs to veterans of the scene.

Since the event’s inception, we've raised over $60,000 for various Philadelphia area non-profits, partnering with a different organization each year to fundraise and fulfill WKDU’s mission of supporting our community through our programming.

This year, we’d like to focus on giving back to our community and supporting our DJs and listeners who have kept college radio alive for decades. WKDU has a great passion for the community-focused fundraisers we’ve done, but this year we’d like to improve our infrastructure and capabilities to better service our community. Due to a lack of maintenance from Drexel as well as growing gentrification in the area, WKDU's once strong signal is now near silence less than a mile from our tower. Despite this being a pressing problem to the station itself, Drexel refuses to provide the resources to help us resolve these issues.

Our primary goal this year is to dedicate funding to the development and execution of a plan to fix our signal and keep WKDU audible on the airwaves for years to come. We'll also be updating the station itself to expand our reach towards the Philly local scene, through improving our live performance spaces, creating a DJ live streaming setup, and upgrading the quality of our signal to service more of the Philadelphia area.

We hope you'll tune in and join us in supporting this Philly DJ tradition!