Thursday October 20th at 6pm till Sunday October 23rd at Midnight

78 hours of electronic music blasting over Philadelphia airwaves as a benefit for NOVA, the National Victims Assistance to benefit those affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Featuring your favorite local DJ's spinning house, trance, techno, drum and bass, trip hop, ambient, breaks, industrial, EBM, noise, and all other types of electronic music.

Thursday, October 20th

6pm DJ Zero Alpha
7pm Dj Mynd
8pm Chuck Van Zyl
9pm Roo
10pm WAX
11pm Loopsky


Friday, October 21st

12am Wicket
1am Russell Mania 3000
2am DJ B
3am DJ Tommy
4am TBA
5am TBA
6am TBA
7am Summerjoy
8am Summerjoy
9am Roland Riso
10am Jeff Heart
11am Sean Gleason
12pm John Gill
1pm DJ Kel
2pm Beluv
3pm Junior
4pm DJ 99
5pm Kevin Rucker
6pm Soma
7pm MC EP
8pm Lil Dave
9pm Ryan Phillips
10pm Matt Herman
11pm TG


Saturday, October 22nd

12am G-Drive
1am Circuitbreaker
2am Jerremy Sine
3am The Goddess
4am Dev 79
5am Starkey
6am Stumble
7am Matt Kling
8am Matt Kling
9am Sonarize
10am Mis-ty
11am Just Jess
12pm The Barreness
1pm Diana Potts
2pm Griffen
3pm Magin
4pm Jeff Meyers
5pm Joey Buksar
6pm Hito
7pm Deep C
8pm Rodrigo
9pm Dirty Channel
10pm Reflect
11pm DJ Kik


Sunday, October 23rd

12am Corey Gault
1am Chris Purtell
2am Jenn Louie
3am Karl K
4am Wally C
5am Imri
6am Kevin Kong
7am Karoshi
8am Mr Girth and Friends
9am Mr Girth and Friends
10am Roadie
11am Lee Jones
12pm Art Cuebik
1pm Carl Michaels
2pm Jason Leroy
3pm Willyum
4pm Rob Paine
5pm Joey Breakdown
6pm Linda Leigh
7pm JG
8pm Joe Kopasek
9pm Starchild
10pm Nigel Richards
11pm Frankie Bones