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2023 Artists

Zillas on Acid

Monday 10/9 at 8:00PM

Zillas on Acid

Zillas on Acid is Thomas Roland and James Weissinger, resident DJs for sixteen years and counting at MAKING TIME, Philadelphia's never-ending nightlife institution. Since the 2019 release of their EPs Black Cat (Optimo Music) and She Takes NRG (Ivan Smagghe’s Les Disques de la Mort), the Zillas have been busy building a steady catalog of music for labels like Polari, Nocturne, Dischi Autunno, Optimo Music, Inside Out, Multi-Culti, Permanent Vacation, Throne of Blood, and more. Along the way, they’ve garnered support from futuristic fellow travelers like Roman Flügel, Dixon, Jennifer Cardini, Justin Strauss, Bradley Zero, Sean Johnston, and many others. Deep in the studio or out in the club, the Zillas mix slow-motion death disco, dubbed-out drum machine music, and of course ACID to excite party people from all planets.

Affiliations: Making Time