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Friday 10/6 at 11:00PM


Based in Philly since 2020, Ben (aka SoundinBetween) has spent the past 2 decades immersed in dance music culture from all corners of the Midwest. Hailing from Ohio, time spent in Detroit and DEMF in the early aughts schooled him on latter day rave/club culture and becoming a part of the close-knit dance community in Chicago furthered an active interest in two of his favorite styles of dance music: Detroit Techno and Chicago House. A long-time collector of R&B, soul, funk, electro and disco records, the last decade has seen him progress from a simple bedroom DJ to playing the underground Jewel party in Brooklyn, working with Philly's Sonic Garden crew, and contributing mixes to WLUW/Loyola Chicago's Destination Unknown series, Ancient Puzzle Arts, and Art & Artifice. A self-avowed disco phanatic and resident DJ at The Trestle Inn since 2021, Ben is always seeking alternative rhythms and getting himself and many others lost in hypnotic grooves of all kinds. If you need to find him, just check your local Goodwill's record section..

Affiliations: Sonic Garden (Dan Edwards) Ancient Puzzle Arts (Alex Burkat) The Trestle Inn