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Monday 10/9 at 4:00AM


Hi! I'm Edd and I've been performing esoteric computer music under the alias Phonographiq (FKA Mourning Anna Log) and DJing as Bummings here in Philadelphia for the last 15 or so years. I'm constantly thinking about term "braindance"- an often joke-y name for IDM music in the late 90s, and how it describes the music I make: coming from playing in guitar-bands earlier in my life, electronics and plunderphonics really cooked me up because of the timbres and riddims I could only hear inside of my head suddenly somewhat could be played back, that term braindance always makes me imagine how drums are so much more than just flat hits, and can actually talk! Electronic music is very thoughtful the last ten years but the thing is is that it has always been, consistently different from all other forms of music in human history! This is a type of sound that has only existed for less than half a century, and that's what makes Electronic Music Marathon so compelling. I hope to share a trove of those compelling sounds with you over the waves soon.

Affiliations: Magic Death Sounds (tape label based in Philadelphia)