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With over 40 solo and collaborative releases, his music has traveled the world at a regular pace since his first release in 2002. His 2007 release Ground State was said to lead the devoted listener to a state of total hypnosis by Side-Line Magazine. In 2006, Igloo Magazine called his album Routes "a lifetime of travel compressed into an hour of aural head-tripping." His project with Tanner Ross, entitled Voodeux, was reviewed by XLR8R Magazine and could only be described as "...if maverick producers Ricardo Villalobos and Bruno Pronsato plundered Lustmord's harddrive full of tar-black ambience..." And his collaboration with Bluetech, called Invisible Allies, was included in Headphone Commute's Best Of 2010 collection. Early releases on Austin’s Artificial Music Machine saw Jamie’s experimental IDM nature in full force with releases Problem/Solving and Routes. His collaborative project with Dutch singer and guitarist Vanek was released in 2009 on Germany’s Dependent Records and Motor Music, along with Austin’s Diffusion Records, and the project has been praised for its melding of electronic and acoustic music, as well as the process of online collaboration without ever being in the same studio. Their work paid off with successful in-person shows in Germany after years of online collaboration. Invisible Allies, his project with Evan Bartholomew, aka Bluetech, has taken them to Australia and Canada for performances, along with an extensive US tour and two albums. Vice Magazine’s Abdullah Saeed showcased his track “The World In A Nutshell” for their Creator’s Project, describing it as “a story of everything told through the phases of a song—one that ebbs, flows, and builds to a shattering climax. There's so much emotion behind the melodies, and yet these wild thoughts are tempered and organized by KiloWatts' production-savvy mind.” KiloWatts music is always melodic, inventive, powerful, and persistent. He's always looking for a new way to craft peaks and troughs, new ways to ebb and flow, tugging and pulling at heartstrings, building tension and finding that sweet, sweet release. There's always a wry glimmer in his eye, and a deeply smiling knowingness expressed in his music. He's intent on communicating directly with his listeners through sound, eye to eye, heart to heart.

Affiliations: Harmonious Discord Recordings