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Sunday 10/9 at 4:00AM


KiloWatts music is always melodic, inventive, powerful, and persistent. He's always looking for a new way to craft peaks and troughs, new ways to ebb and flow, tugging and pulling at heartstrings, building tension and finding that sweet, sweet release. There's always a wry glimmer in his eye, and a deeply smiling knowingness expressed in his music. He's intent on communicating directly with his listeners through sound, eye to eye, heart to heart. Jamie Watts attended Belmont University for music, Collin College for sound synthesis, and later followed a developing interest in the acoustic and mechanical properties of pianos. He enjoys gardening and tending his plants in his indoor "Grow Cove", an LED-powered warm happy place for his ever-expanding collection of succulents. When not making music or working on pianos, he can be found backpacking deep in remote wildernesses like The Canyonlands, Loyalsock, and Monongahela. He is an avid birdwatcher and a staunch conservationist committed to defending the planet.

Affiliations: Harmonious Discord Recordings