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Monday 10/9 at 2:00AM


Furtive is a full-gonzo rave conjurer and relentless creative tinkerer, intractably committed to the rave as a Philadelphia-based producer, DJ, underground event organizer, and dancer. Furtive brings a scintillating and sentimental touch to their many polished and focused genre-spanning productions, informed by over a decade of experience in the studio and yielding a rich selection of self-released tracks, contributions to VA comps, and recent vinyl pressings. A veritable product of the contemporary American underground, Furtive cut their teeth as a DJ and DIY event organizer in Washington, DC’s warehouses, where they played a turnkey role in putting on some of the District’s zaniest techno parties. Furtive now co-runs Bounce House an intimate, blossoming off-the-books venue in Philly, and holds a radio residency at Philly scene mainstay Great Circles. As a DJ, Furtive has supported internationally celebrated, no-nonsense acts and held court in dingy local watering holes with eclectic selections and a steadfast focus on pacing and dynamics, regularly jumping genres to build moving and impactful sets. Beyond the fog and speaker stacks, Furtive creates art in a variety of mediums. They're as unapologetic in their sincerity and flair as they are in being a die-hard True Believer in the rave.

Affiliations: Bounce House