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Cameron Kelly

Sunday 10/8 at 4:00AM

Cameron Kelly

Cameron Kelly, is no stranger to House Music, nor the global community. Between his radio shows on well known internet radio stations before everyone had to do it, playing for dance floors across the country or holding down the sound, message and ideology of House Music in his home town of New Orleans, you or someone you know has certainly crossed paths with this lovable weirdo at some point. The self proclaimed “House dj with a Techno Problem,” loves to let his roots of New Orleans shine through as he teases you with his 30 years active study of House Music and Disco while sprinkling it with Acid before he serves it to the dance floor. Cameron currently lives in Philadelphia, the home of Disco and when he isn’t teaching culinary arts at Job Corps or crate digging with his husband, Cameron can be found playing by the river, at a happy hour or an after hours. Cameron even helps with A&R and Marketing for Simplistic Music Company, a Dallas based record label. The lovable weirdo will continue to spread his love of House Music as long as we will let him! Just make sure you grab a hug if you get a chance.

Affiliations: Simplistic Music Company (Dallas) Nola Housing Project Queer House Collective.