Thursday October 21st at 6pm till Sunday October 24th at Midnight

78 hours of electronic music blasting over Philadelphia airwaves as a benefit for the Village of Arts and Humanities.

Featuring your favorite local DJ's spinning house, trance, techno, drum and bass, trip hop, ambient, breaks, industrial, EBM, noise, and all other types of electronic music.

Thursday, October 21st

6pm TBA
7pm Roadie
8pm MG
9pm Chris Purtell
10pm DJ Zeroalpha
11pm Somatik


Friday, October 22nd

12am Marty R
1am Helix
2am Zeke
3am TBA
4am Chitara
5am TBA
6am TBA
7am TBA
8am Matt Herman
9am Jenn Louie
10am Roland Riso
11am Dimazza
12pm dev 79
1pm Starkey
2pm Math Leutwyler
3pm Ben Camp
4pm Mis-ty
5pm Fuzed Funk
6pm Dirty Channel
7pm Lil Dave
8pm Rodrigo
9pm Deep C
10pm Chris Udoh
11pm Starchild


Saturday, October 23rd

12am L3
1am Double Ayes
2am Mr. Glitch
3am Ghost
4am DJ Zara
5am Imri
6am Kil0byte
7am Kevin Kong
8am Mass
9am Hito
10am Jeremy Brown
11am Engage
12pm Juki
1pm Anton Chasm
2pm Kevin Rucker
3pm K-Swizzle
4pm DJ Groove
5pm Chris Patrick
6pm Matt Brownell
7pm Matt Wich
8pm Sean O'Neal
9pm G-Drive
10pm Vega
11pm Rob Paine


Sunday, October 24th

12am DJ Roo
1am DJ Mynd
2am Steph99
3am Matt Kling
4am DJ Mace
5am Soultree
6am TBA
7am TBA
8am JG
9am Varjack
10am Statik
11am Beluv
12pm DJ Kel
1pm PSC feat Carl Michaels,
2pm Willyum, Kevin V, and
3pm Jason Leroy
4pm Tronik: Phazeone, Joey
5pm Breakdown & Art Cuebik
6pm Vincent Wonder
7pm Chuck van Zyl
8pm Lorne
9pm Joe Kopasek
10pm Nigel Richards
11pm Dieselboy